Chopin in Marinated

The celebrated composer is being softened up in absolutely beastly fashion down at the excellent El casareño inglés's local. Long after the Chinese have learnt the OED by heart, Spanish bar proprietors will continue to torment the harmless drinker.


Services from Generalitat Valenciana that could be process by Internet

The Valencian regional administration is known internationally for the contempt for the basic rights of citizens it has shown in the land-grab racket it runs in tandem with property developers. Contempt on a smaller scale is to be found in its internet portal, the few English texts on which make one wonder whether their translator was literate in any language. Darlings, "news" is not the same as "novelties", and "daily official" leads one to expect nude photos of a planning inspector.


How to make your trip more confortable

"Confortable" is one of the mainstays of lousy Spanish-English translation, and Barcelona's transport authority is happy to oblige:

If you know what you want to do and how to get there, get information on how to make your trip more confortable. TMB moves Barcelona and works everyday to give everybody a confortable, fast and environment-friendly service.


If there is a lawsuit, both parts have to left it to Barcelona court

The Catalan (National) Library is one of the worst and most surprising offenders. Here's part of its exhibition loan policy:

Application form has to be done at least 4 months before the inauguration of the exhibition when the number of items required would be less than 20, and 6 months before if the number of items requested would be bigger than 20.

There are no links to English-language materials on the site from the library's front page, and it provides even less for Spanish speakers, despite Spanish being one of the region's two official languages. The library is well funded and the guys who work there are meant to be smart and worldly. It's shameful.

The website of the Barcelona city

Check the header of the main English page of Barcelona City Council.


How to move you

Barcelona's transport authority enters the fray.

Ripoll Council is only interested in Catalan-speaking tourists

No translations at all here, not even for Spanish-speaking residents. That Ripoll's romanesque is of international renown is not of the slightest interest to the peasant ethnocrats in charge of the town and its tourism.