No dog launching in Algorfa, Alicante

The chief of police of this small tourist town has apparently published an English version of the municipal bylaws. Among other things he wants you to do is to "Alter public order and tranquillity with scandals, disturbances, brawls and noise." Will fucked translation constitute an adequate defence for British hooligans? Is the council--whose income from urbanismo has dropped like a brick--looking for ways of persuading foreigners to get themselves fined?


Plague of "Our Mrs of"

MM points out that "Our Mrs of" is a popular variant on the web (289 ghits), although still not quite as popular as "Our Lady of" (7,360,000 ghits). "Our mistress of" doesn't sound quite as strange to native readers of dismal Tolkien epigonism, but let's use the net to promote "Our Mrs of", "Jesus Christ Our Guv", and so forth.

Do You this FC Barcelona should let Messi's live his Dream

Barcelona Reporter needs to fine-tune that poll question.


Our Mrs. of Gracia

Wikipedia has found a homely name for a church in Carmona, Seville province.

Fucked society

The most heartbreaking experience I've had recently was watching a smallholder digging up the vines he planted during the 60s and 70s boom. Brussels used to pay him subsidies to plant, but now they've said that he'll only be able to earn money by destroying what they regard as his means of production but which for him are the story of his life--these, put in when his daughter was born, those, over there, when his nephew got married.

Andalusian government is not shy of irony, so while the brochure produced by the Ayuntamiento of Jerez de la Frontera with the support of Cajasol for their Fiestas de la Vendimia (Harvest Festival), is written in dreadful English and embraces a visual style which could easily and happily have been abandoned twenty years ago, I'd just like to focus on one little feature:

That's right, they've spent what is probably a quite considerable sum of money on viability studies, landscape gardening, ongoing care etc etc to plant 200 completely ordinary vines on a completely ordinary roundabout. Who gets the quota? Will an underpass be built to prevent locals being killed as they harvest? Where and when will the buck stop?

(Many thanks to Anon for the scans. If you don't want your name mentioned here, I'm also perfectly happy to link to the charity of your choice. Or something like that.)


Weal chop

"Txuletón estilo vasco" is the original in this restaurant in the Eixample/Ensanche, Barcelona, so it's not a wreal chop for these hungry times, nor a flogging and amputation SM dish, but a Pickwickian morsel:

"Well," said Mr. Weller, "... Ain't you a goin' to sign it?"
"That 's the difficulty," said Sam; "I don't know what to sign it."
"Sign it, Veller," said the oldest surviving proprietor of that name.
"Won't do," said Sam. "Never sign a walentine with your own name."
"Sign it 'Pickvick,' then," said Mr. Weller; "it's a wery good name, and a easy one to spell."
"The wery thing," said Sam. "I could end with a werse; what do you think?"
"I don't like it, Sam," rejoined Mr. Weller. " I never know'd a respectable coachman as wrote poetry, 'cept one, as made an affectin' copy o' werses the night afore he wos hung for a highway robbery; and he was only a Cambervell man, so even that's no rule."
But Sam was not to be dissuaded from the poetical idea that had occurred to him, so he signed the letter,
"Your love-sick


Hotel chain adapting weather forecasts to client expectations on language basis?

Hotel Medium Confort on Travesera de Gracia, Barcelona has a little display device on the reception counter which tells you in several languages where you are, the time, and tomorrow's weather. Last night the mixed Spanish/Catalan version was forecasting "soleado", while the English version had it at "cloudy". Predicted temperature and air pressure were identical.