"the Virgen Moroneta"

A moreneta is a little black woman. English speakers might assume that the moroneta Julià Travel is going to take you to visit is a stupid little woman, but Base de bandades says she is the patron saint of all Catalonia's Moroccans. (There's no direct attribution to Julià Travel on the site, but the texts are almost identical to those used on their site, where they hope to demonstrate that not being able to spell Baracelona Barcelona does not mean you know absolutely nothing about the place.)

Casablanca de Llobregat

Rather off-topic, and of regional appeal:


"one of the most rooted wine families in Jerez"

The Ayuntamiento de Jerez gets EU money to assist with tourist promotion, but professional translators won't work with it because it never pays on time. So instead of employing someone who can speak English and knows how to use a spellcheck, translation jobs seem to go to some witless illiterate at town hall who may, due to family connections, have passed the street cleaning oposiciones. The original is cheesy, but this is a Titanic of a translation they've cobbled together for Bodegas Valdivia's Villa del Duque:

Villa del Duque is an unique and singular place. Thought as the guest house of one of the most rooted wine families, It has hosted most of the vibrant and active society from Jerez and all over the world, around its Wines and Brandies.

You will find, in this historic place, ten stunning bedrooms and magnificiants lounges, perfect for meetings or social events. With its bodega, Villa del Duque offers you the opportunity to be the real protagonist of our magic world.

Context here. To add to the general misery, Villa del Duque's website doesn't work on the Google Chrome browser.

(Thanks to Anon, who suggests that given the time of year you might like to make a contribution to The Royal British Legion's Help for Heroes appeal.)

"Language Policy at Catalonia"

A delightful mistranslation on the Generalitat's translation page (you'll probably need to click through to the English version if your language default is Spanish or Catalan). (Thanks JD)