¿Pero este a quién se ha follado?

Doing the rounds, and sent this way by Carlos Ferrero Martín. Comments on the post say the Spanish TV interpreter is working from the English interpreter rather than from the Fukushima spokesman's Japanese, and he appears, shall we say, less than impressed by the quality of information on offer and forgets the microphone is on:

I assumed it was a fake, but there are other recordings:

I often end up working live in several languages, but I think the combination of boredom and temptation would preclude me from becoming a professional interpreter, and I respect those who pull it off.


Álvaro Domecq Alburejo Oloroso: Notes of Word ans hazelnuts.

A minor offence, this sherry puff:

Intense mahogany colour, clean-vibrant. Notes of Word ans hazelnuts. Dry yet rich. A lovely long nutty taste.

The website translation is also poor - something of a come-down for the family which produced Álvaro Domecq y Díez (Wikipedia surprisingly omits his war service), for whom getting things right, whatever he did, seems to have been second nature. Here's a pasodoble dedicated to him by José María Martín Domingo:

Here's his son at work in Madrid in 1970:

And here is the offending bottle:

(H/t: a local beverage and language expert.)


TV3 pays too much (sic) for translation services

The Catalan regional Audit Office reports that TV3, the Catalan state broadcaster, has been awarding contracts

without complying with 'the principles of openness, competition, transparency, confidentiality, equality and non-discrimination', and without ensuring their allocation 'to the most economically advantageous tender.'

I never expected to blog a case of translators being overpaid, but that will have been the inevitable consequence of the English translation pool used for dubbing services having been closed to new applicants since 2001. Whether down to corruption or extreme incompetence, it's surely been a nice little earner for those involved.


Catalan News Agency: Catalan is a Roman language

Saül Gordillo is the director of the Catalan state news agency, the Agència Catalana de Notícies. Appointed by ERC under the previous government for reasons more obviously related to lingual dexterity and skin-tone than to literary ability (check some hilarious bitching from fellow-whore, Salvador Sostres), it's quite conceivable that'll he'll shortly be jobless, or at least as jobless as members of the ruling class ever are in this part of the world.

Even assuming this article to have been aimed more at a domestic audience than, for example, Moody's, it would make a fitting swansong for him and his organisation in terms of all normal journalistic criteria. "Catalan is the vehicle language in child, teenager and university education," says Saül. A bus so poorly constructed and driven surely isn't going anywhere.

H/t: Candide.


FC Barcelona: Buy the entrance now without tails

A poster at the Camp Nou footy museum reminds the public that neither evening dress nor cloven hooves are required for entry in their earthy Paradise:

This gem arrives via CFM, who used to blog about language here and here, and who wonders about the real state of Barça's finances if they can't afford 50€ for a translator. Any beers purchased via the donate button (sidebar) will go to him for forwarding to the photographer.